VCP4.0 Four Questions Daily –10th Oct,2009


For vCenter linked mode to work what port should be opened ?

Port 636 should be opened


What is esxconsole.vmdk?

is the virtual machine disk file where in all information of virtual machine is stored. starting VCP4.0 service console is also installed as virtual machine. This explains what is esxconsole.vmdk is. so service console is in fact installed on vmfs partition as opposed to ext3 partition in previous version. The name of this file is esxconsole-<system-uuid>/esxconsole.vmdk.


In ESX4.0 if you allow the installer to create partition for you, how it will be done?

It creates 3 physical partition and those are

/boot,vmkcore and VMFS this cannot be edited or re-size using graphical or text mode of installation.

under VMFS/Volumes esxconsole.vmdk /(root),/var/log and swap partition are created. You can resize all partition of service console.


Where is esx installation log is stored ?

under directory –>/var/log/esx-install.log

What is the minimum disk space needed to install ESX4.0 ?

Required Partition (1250+600+1200=3050)

/boot +VMKCore =1250MB (1100+150)


VMFS3=1.2GB for esxconsole.vmdk

Optional partition

/var/log =2GB

/Home=512 MB



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