VCP4.0 Four Questions Daily –12 Oct,2009

why it is recommended to install virtual center in domain than in


If vCenter is not added in a domain, it won’t be able to discover  all systems and domain available on the network when using features like guided consolidated service.

Why you cannot install vCenter on same machine which is Domain controller?

If you wish to use linked mode, vCenter communicates with other vCenter on port 389 , which is main port on which AD works.

What data is shared between vCenter instances when they are in linked mode group?

  1. user roles
  2. licenses
  3. certificates
  4. connection information (ports & IP)

Can you have a vCenter linked if they are in different domain?

Yes we can have it, as long domains trust each other fully (two-way trust relation ship). Also user which will form a linked group must be administrator for server on local vCenter and remote vCenter as well

can you have a linked group between vCenter which are configured as workgroup ?

Apparently not (need to confirm it). But you cannot create a linked group if one instance is in workgroup and other is not

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