VCP4.0 Four Questions Daily –13 Oct,2009

How to troubleshoot if local vCenter instance is not able to reach remote vCenter instance in linked mode group?

  1. FQDN of remote host is correct and reachable from local instances
  2. LDAP Port of remote instances should not be blocked
  3. VMWareVCMSDS service is running –Need to check what is this service?

Which program must be added as exception in windows firewall for linked mode to work?

=> c:\Windows\ADAM\dsamain.exe

when you have to change the license key?

=>When you change the license type from standard to enterprise, then you have to change the license key.

When you purchase license on what basis you make decision?

=> you purchase license on basis of CPU (Socket) and you also must select the maximum number of core/CPU –Not sure why we have to select the last part as well. remember vCenter license are not dependant on number of CPU but on number of instances.


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