VCP4.0 Four Questions Daily –18 Oct,2009

What is VM DirectPath I/O and it’s pre-requisite?

VM DirectPath allows direct access to PCI and PCIe devices connected to the hosts. For VM DirectPath to work, hardware must have Intel-VT-d (Virtualization Technology directed I/O) or AMD I/O Virtualization technology enabled in the BIOS. Second requirement is that Virtual machine hardware version is 7.0. Any time Virtual machine can access two PCI devices.

Describe in brief PVSCSI?

ParaVirtualized SCSI device is high performance storage adapters that can result in greater throughput & lower CPU utilization. There is no performance gain using PVSCSI for DAS. You cannot boot disk using PVSCSI adapter.

Following are limitations of PVSCSI

  1. Cannot boot from boot disk
  2. Record/ replay event
  3. Fault Tolerance(FT)
  4. MSCS Clustering
  5. Only supports WS2008,2003 & RHEL 5

What are various boot delay options introduced into VCP4.0?

1. you can introduce boot delay so that BIOS screen does surpass before you see

2. ask virtual machine to boot directly into BIOS setup when it next time boots.

What are conditions for VMWare tool automatic upgrade to work?

  1. Virtual machine should be hosted on esx3.0.1 and Virtual center 2.0.1
  2. Virtual Machine guest OS should be either Linux or Windows
  3. Virtual Machine must be powered on

What are various log files and their location?

vSphere client agent log –>  /var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxa.log

Virtual Machine Kernel Core file –> /root/vmkernel-core.<date> and /root/vmkernel-log.<date>

syslog –>/var/log/messages

VMKernel Warnings –> /var/log/vmkwarning

VMKernel Message  –> /var/log/vmkernel

vSphere client installation log –> %temp%\vmmsi.log

vSphere client service log –> %appdata%\vpx\viclient-x.log (x=0,1,…9)

virtual machine console log –> %temp%\vmware-username-<PID>.log

virtual machine even log –> c:\program files\VMware\VMware Virtual Infrastructure\vmserverroot\eventlog\vent-pathtoconfigurationfile.vmx.log


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