VCP4.0 Four Questions Daily –22 Oct,2009

Can you collect vCenter log when you are unable to connect to vCenter?

Yes you can. From vCenter system select start>program>vmware>generate vcenter server log bundle. The log file is generated a .zip file. By default logs inside zip file are compressed using gunzip. This behaviour can be turned off.

What is prerequisite to remove managed host from vCenter?

NFS mount must be active. if they are unresponsive operation fails. Best practice is to remove host when they are connected, remove them disconnected state leaves the vCenter agent on the host.

Is predefined alarm set on host?

Yes it set on all host by default which we can edit to meet our requirements. e.g.  if memory usage  stays for 75% for one hour and over 90% for 5 mins, memory alarm triggers warning. However default vCenter alarm are not preconfigured with any actions.

Name three important services in VMware consolidation services & their functions?

VMware collector service –> scans the domains & systems in that domain.collects performance data on the system

VMware provider service –> communicates with target system and pass performance data to collector service

VMware guided consolidation –> saves performance data of target systems, analyze the data. provides confidence level. search host which is capable of hosting the targeted server.

what are the requirements of guided consolidation host server?

  • 1GHz CPU minimum
  • 1.8 GB RAM
  • 3 GB Disk Space
  • WMI & Remote registry system working
  • OS:XP,WS2003 SP2, WS2008, Vista
  • Static IP and same network where the targeted system is

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