Upgrade Notes-01

Assign Network permission provides user the  privilege to assign NIC to virtual machine or NIC to host on which Network consumer role is assigned.

New networks which you create are default added under datacenter folder.

vSphere update utility(VUU) is used to upgrade esx hosts but not for upgrading VMFS datastores or virtual machine guest operating system.VUU doesn’t report that upgrade is in progress if two admins tries to upgrade same host. VUU does not support rollback for ESXi.VUU Best Practice(BP): Do one upgrade at a time.

In order to upgrade ESX2.5.5 to ESX4.0, you can using upgrade vmotion process.Remember it doesn’t support in place upgrade. Reference vSphere upgrade guide page 18. VMWare update manager(VUM) should be used if hosts are managed by virtual center esp for large environments.

Service console VMDK needs 8.4GB of available space.Please note iSCSI and NFS datastore are not supported as the destination for esx service console vmdk but SAN is. Also note when you upgrade a host, no 3rd party management agents or third party software applications are migrated to to the ESX4.0 or ESXi4.0

Where are the upgrade logs stored?



What are the 3 post upgrade steps?

  1. Re-connect esx host using vCenter.
  2. Go to license portal and upgrade the license. Enter the license key in vCenter.
  3. sDx might get renumbered after upgrade. update all places where sDx number is referred.
  4. You must convert LUN masking to claim rule format.(Need to understand what this implies)

vmware-webAccess service is disabled after you upgrade the host and this service is not started when you do fresh install. vSphere WebAccess service is not supported in ESX4.0i

When you upgrade ESX host, it is kind of dual boot between ESX3.0 and ESX4.0. This option gives you ability to rollback to ESX3.x version, if ESX4.0 is not working as expected in your environment.

How to disable rollback option?

This is option available only if you have selected rollback checkbox before upgrading the server.

  1. Browse to /esx3-installation/
  2. execute clean-esx3 –f(parameter optional)
  3. reboot (optional)

once you reboot you shouldn’t see boot loader option enabled.

How to perform rollback action?

  1. execute rollback-to-esx3
  2. reboot the server
  3. After server boots into esx3.x, delete esx4 service console vmdk folder

If you upgrade virtual machine hardware, Virtual machines will not work after you perform rollback. So it is BP to take snapshot of virtual machines before upgrade and revert it back after roll back. However please note if you upgrade VM from VM HW 3.0 to HW7.0 and you decide to rollback using snapshot, it won’t work. In short upgrade process is irreversible. Process is reversible only if HW4.0 is upgrade to HW7.0. Assuming you have snapshot or backup of VM.

Even if you For esxi, procedure is little different.

  1. Reboot esx4.0i host
  2. press shift+r once you reach boot menu, this will take you to stand by build
  3. press shift+y to confirm the selection and press Enter

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