vCenter Ports & vCenter Services

80/443: Used for communications between vSphere client and vCenter

902: ESX host listens for traffic/updates from vCenter on this port. Managed hosts also regularly sends heartbeat over UDP port 902

902/903: This is communication channel between esx hosts and vSphere client. This port is utilized when consoles are opened using vSphere client

8080/8443(SSL): used by vCenter web management services

389/636(SSL): Used by LDAP specifically by ADAM


Various services are installed when you deploy vCenter, in total 5 services are installed

  1. VMware VirtualCenter Server: Heart of vCenter
  2. VMware mount service for VirtualCenter: used during cloning operation or while deploying from template
  3. VMware VirtualCenter management webservices: Web management services run on it.
  4. VMwareVCMSDS:ADAM services for linked mode
  5. VMware vCenter orchestrator configuration: use for vCenter orchestrator

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