Thank you –now VCP4.0

Just wish to Thank you Satish for his kind guidance, as he was the one who notified VI3 will be outdated after 31st December and VCP4.0 does not need any training as long as it is completed before the due date. He also provided me link to this document which is really really great source of information. Thanks Forest to as well, it has helped me a lot

Thanks to Sanjay for providing the much needed inspiration and his best wishes to complete this exam. If it were not you, I would have struggled with managing time for this exam.

Finally thanks to Ramesh, we actually exchanged notes, and various blogs links with each other which was key to finish this exam 5 days before deadline. Ramesh thanks so much for sharing your notes, they were final touch for me to clear this exam.

And final thanks to online community. It is just you were there it has happened

RTM –Videos


VMwaretraining :Key site to know anything of certification

Simon Long – unofficial source of exam tests, really great work

Forbes Guthrie – for this notes and diagrams.

Michael – My number one blog



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