Downside of virtualization

I was recently asked about downside of virtualization. Here are below ones but of course advantage we get out of virtualization outweighs these downside by 10 times.

  1. May not be able to use all existing servers if they do not support recent virtualization benefits included in the processor. e.g Intel, AMD-V, RVI,EPT,NPT and also the factor which should be thought about when you buy new hardware

  2. Charge back criteria for customers, there comfortable level in sharing systems with other application owners

  3. SMB to be able to fully utilize virtualization (vMotion) need a shared storage e.g. SAN or less expensive iSCSI so there is no presence of shared storage it is incurs big budget.

  4. Hardware reliability automatically is vouched for, when we choose to consolidate number of servers into few physical servers. all your eggs in one basket like of scenario

  5. Backup management scope is changed. Not only application but we may also need to plan virtual machine backup(VMDK)

  6. Application vendor support in virtualized environment could be a spoil sport.Licensing could be another show stopper.

  7. Heavy I/O Workloads and CPU intensive application needs to be thoroughly reviewed as they may not work properly in virtualized environment

  8. SA’s needs to be highly skilled in managing virtualization environment as with virtualization it becomes more complicated to find the exact root cause.

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