What is WORLD in esx?

I was recently asked what is world? I only knew it is process and nothing else. But I confused the other side and proved myself to be dumb. so let’s go into woods and find out what it is really. World is actually called User World. User World is specially complied binary managed and scheduled by VMKernel.User World is process which runs directly under VMkernel. Previously several important process use to run in service console. As service console was pinned to console CPU0 it used to be heavily utilized. Now with user world which is managed by VMKernel, it gets full access to all available CPU. This automatically reduced the service console memory requirement by large. Various important process which used to run under service console are being ported to user world. e.g.

  1. hostd
  2. vpxa
  3. syslog daemon
  4. vmha agent
  5. VMX
  6. VMM

and many others.

    Exhibit is very good explanation where and how user world fits in.


COURTESY:ESXServer3i_architecture.pdf (The Architecture of VMware ESX Server 3i)

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