Virtual Machine Disk size consideration

Currently I’m reading Mastering VMware vSphere 4. So how is this book? I want to follow KISS principle here which means Keep it small and simple.

And my recommendation is It will make you Master in vSphere.

From the storage chapter, I got inspired and and I’m putting across virtual machine disk size consideration sheet using Google docs

  Virtual Machine Disk Size consideration    
1 VMDK Size (MB) 40960 editable
2 Reserved Memory (MB) 512 editable
3 Configured memory (MB) 1024 editable
3 Snap shot allowance 15% may not change
  Actual Disk Size (MB) 47616 Formula field do not change
  1. Put the disk size in MB
  2. If you choose to reserved some memory put across
  3. And finally snapshot consideration I used 15% of total disk size.
  4. Actual Disk Size has formula=[DiskSize +(Configured memory – Reserved memory) + (Snap shot allowance X 40960)]

Then multiple with number of disks or virtual machines you need and you get total size. Then comes usual discussion LUN SIZE 🙂

Here is LINK to the document


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