PSA for Dummies like me –Part02

If you’ve enjoyed part PART-01, now it is time for Part02.

So what is PowerPath VE?

To understand what is PowerPath VE, we need to understand what is MPP?

So what is MPP?

MPP stands for Multi Pathing Plug-in. It is purely a space allocated for 3rd party vendors

What is the function of MPP?

It is same as additives is to Petrol. Additives improves performance. MPP enhances multi pathing to vSphere. MPP can work with NMP or it complete take over NMP functions and subsequently SATP and PSP.

So now what is PowerPath VE?

PowerPath VE is only MPP available till now from 3rd Party and provide by EMC. Remember PowerPath VE is not EMC specific, it is does handles non-EMC arrays as well.

So what is the function of PowerPath VE as MPP?

First and foremost it balance path with intelligence, it will select specific path based on how much crowded the queue is (read it queue depth) and also how busy the POS is(Read is Port of processor). There are more but for simplicity left them out.

Reference:, especially check the comment section 🙂


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