Finally I got ML150G6 -Action starts Soon

Finally I got ML150 G6. aha !!! it was really trudging through market(Fish) to get the server, When you do not know right contacts but end was of any Hindi movie. It is not as easy as getting it to some site and ordering stuff we need.

First HP(reseller) then Dell
Actually I wanted to buy DL380G6 being rack can easily fit in my home and from the cost perspective it was quite worth. But the cost that was offered to me was for single purchase and there was at least difference of 60% between bulk bought and single bought. And also they only gave me what I asked based upon my email. There was more to it actually. It was every thing should fit within 100,000. I only learnt it is difficult buy HP server.With their timid response It gave me impression (which was obviously wrong, read below) that HP only serves big(Enterprise) customer. I went to Dell. Aha..First I officially logged request online and very next day i got a call which told you will get a technical call. I waited, when I completely left the idea of not buying the server but buying customised box, Dell called. The moment I said it is not company but personal use they lost interest. In fact Dell and my few friends were totally surprised when I told them “I want to buy the server”. Except my encouraging friend Anand S

Customised Server
This is totally new for me. I had no confidence that I can do it alone.So I took configuration from VMware guru’s and started searching for it online. That configuration was first not easily available and secondly no one was ready to help there. Or I didn’t had right contact. But now when I compare ML150G6 price and this configuration. ML is coming much cheaper.

Again Dell
So I decided let’s jot down our requirement. I need VT enabled processor, 16GB RAM and that is it. I do not care much about Storage and NIC’s. I realized even workstation will do. So my hunt started. Easily available online search got me to dell again. Dell has wonderful site, it is really great. So I configured the workstation and that was easily crossing 1,30,000 INR and my limit was 100,000 INR even then no good configuration. But it was crossing this limit because they were offering me lot of stuff which i didn’t want. e.g. Monitor, OS, Keyboard, Mouse, Graphics card and list goes on. So I finally left it. I started thinking why I need a box at all. So I suppressed my thoughts. As they were suppressed they are likely to burst out again. So did they.

Again HP (But direct HP)
As the thoughts bursted again. I decided to enage HP directly.I searched HP site specifically for India operations and found ML110 G6 good one as it is already made popular by I found the server okay but it was not meeting my RAM requirement. I moved little higher and thought 150G6 could fit the bill. ML150G6 is highly scalable server, with option to upgrade CPU and also memory (total 12 slots, 6 per cpu). I called HP directly on their toll free number and I put across the requirement. He noted down all my requirements, again he asked same question “Are you sure you want to buy server for personal use”. I had hard time explaining him why I need to buy one. The moment I use word virtualization, he started proposing DL series option completely forgot that I want this for personal use. Finally called was dropped and I decided not to call again. But he actually SMS’ed me that someone from HP reseller will call me tomorrow. They did actually. It was call right at 0900 AM morning and rest was all world class experience. I was really lucky I got very good HP reseller. He not only understood my requirement and extremely important they were willing to sell a single system and with budget constraints.In entire discussion they were full comfortable regarding my budget and also made sure every thing fits my budget.I’m going to recommend this as Re-seller No:01 in Pune. I’m 100 % going to available their service in future as well.Their contact page is here


2 comments on “Finally I got ML150G6 -Action starts Soon

    • I’m still using but not that frequently. By the way I already got my money back as I’ve blogged and earned a training assignment based on it. Now got MAC PRO-16 GB RAM, 512 SSD. Enjoy this huge power in the form of laptop.

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