How to find Used Reservation

Let’s first find resource pools
[vSphere PowerCLI] C:\SysI> Get-ResourcePool

Name                 Id
----                 --
Classic              ResourcePool-pool0
ESXi                 ResourcePool-pool1
Windows              ResourcePool-pool2
vApps                ResourcePool-pool3
Resources            ResourcePool-ha-root-pool
Let’s check things in classic resource pool
[vSphere PowerCLI] C:\SysI> (Get-ResourcePool -Name classic).MemReservationMB
Now what is 4304 MB. It is memory reservation for resource pool classic. So, how is this calculated ?

It is worst case allocation i.e. 2152 X 2 =4304

From where do we get worse case allocation ?

Worst case allocation = (memory or CPU) reservation + overhead reservation

                          = 2048 + 104

                          = 2152

Where to find over head reservation for a virtual machine?

Go to resource allocation tab of the virtual machine.

See 104.00 MB encircled in Blue.



Now let’s go to root resource pool as shown in the picture below


Now Reserved Capacity is explained above, next thing remains is Overhead Reservation. Overhead Reservation is summation of all overhead reservation for all virtual machine

Available capacity = Total Capacity – Reserved Capacity

                             = 9843 – 5124

                             = 4719

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