Information about storage adapters, targets and Paths,Devices

You can see quite important piece of information below under Configuration –>Storage adapters

you see the model of HBA being used. In my case is iSCSI software adapter

iSCSI name

Connected targets: I’m using VSA lefthand networks. I have configured two targets and two devices(two luns). It means there is one target and one device mapping. For more information see here



You can also copy information about WWN number as shown below



You can also view storage device information, by clicking on device information below(Esxhost->Configuration->Storage). Here it is again clear from runtime information there are

vmhba33:C0:T0:L0 here it is T:0 i.e. target is zero and next target is T1 (vmhba33:C0:T1:L0)



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