How to configure syslog(Kiwi) server for ESXi

Before I start anything, It is just 15 min task to configure syslog kiwi server, more information is available on the site specified

Basic Hardware: XP,Windows 2003, RAM128/256 MB RAM. In my case I used virtual machine.

Here I’m going to talk about how to install syslog server and configure it.


1. First download the syslog server less than 30 MB approx from the syslog site

2. Unzip the site and extract the content as shown below


3. double click Kiwi_Syslog_Server_9.0.3.Eval.setup.exe and follow the next-next windows style stuff


4. Press I agree (above)

5.Select Install as service as shown below


6. Create a domain service account and add it as admin of the server and enter the details in below screen


7. Do not select below check box, it is optional, I skipped it


8. Next-Next Screen


9. Select the destination where you want to log file to go


10. Watch Screen


11.Finish and we are done…


12. Now let’s go to ESXi box and tell him someone is waiting for him

Navigate to ESXi host, go to the configuration tab as shown below and click on Advanced Settings (encircled Red)


13. Below window open up and Select syslog settings, then remote and then enter the syslog server’s ip address or host name. In my case it is


14. This is bare minimum you need to do. Once this is done go to syslog server and see the action as show below


15. In next blog I will show how to do some post installation tasks on syslog server


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