Tips & hints on how to use search of vCenter

It is one of the most high lighted feature of vCenter i.e. Search. You can search any manageable object inside vCenter.

Options are varied and sees far beyond.

Again, I prefer advanced search always. Press Ctrl+shift+S  and you are at below screen.

Below I have selected folder and searching for ESXi based folder name. Results below shows where is this ESXi folder in Inventory Path

When you click small arrow shown below, you have Virtual Machines, Hosts, Datastores, Networks and Inventory option



So if you wish to search the all items irrespective of any specific mind what is the hint?

Select inventory and type search string and you see below screen with all inventory items around the search string. below e.g. I’m searching for v*

I get all objects e.g. networks, Virtual machines, Folders and Datastores


Hope it helps.

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