VMware Update Manager (VUM) for SMB -Part 02

For Part-01 Refer here
Decision on Database and Disk Size
Database size for VUM is quite easy to calculate based on the vsp_vum_40_sizing_estimator.xls provided by VMware. I have uploaded the image file below.
Though client has requested patching solution for Windows and Linux Workloads, I have not provided that solution, for simple reason UMDS cannot control which product patches to download, in one scenario it started downloading patching right from Windows NT. I resisted to check for Linux. However database size does included Linux and Windows patch sizes for future purpose. Only solution would be restrict the download between month or year. e.g. Below command re-downloads patches for entire May 2008 month

vmware-umds --re-download --start-time 2008-05-01T00:00:00 --end-time 2008-05-31T23:59:59
Below are screen capture from excel sheet

Please double click the image for better visibility

Based on the excel sheet below is calculation

Database=150 MB +(89*12)=1218 MB #approx 1.5 GB per year
Patch content=13 GB * 12 = 156 GB per year #approx 160 GB per year

As our portable drive is 1 TB is size, it simply meets next 6 years requirement as well. Portable drive will be again backed up for any patch data loss.

Finally a Viso Design template

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