Caution:Running resxtop for extended periods

Running resxtop for extended periods might result in memory problems
Memory usage by resxtop might increase over time depending on what happens on the ESX/ESXi system being monitored. Because resxtop also causes extra CPU consumption on ESXi, VMware recommends that you not leave resxtop running for a very long time, that is, for a few weeks.

The total number of iterations on ESXi 4.1 (-n) is set to a default value of 10,000. After resxtop has generated 10,000 displays, it shuts itself down. That means that if a default delay of 5 seconds between two displays is used, resxtop might shut itself down after around 14 hours.

Workaround: Although you can use the -n option to change the total number of iterations, it is better to run resxtop only when you need the data. If you do have to collect resxtop statistics over a long time, shut down and restart resxtop periodically instead of running one resxtop instance for weeks or months.



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