Host Profiles –Vpshere

One of the most overlooked feature of vSphere is host profiles. Blame it on inclusion of this feature in Enterprise Plus license

But it is one of highly productive feature as far as ESX SA is concern. He must get use to it for efficiently using time and doing more with less

Use cases for Host profile I think of

  • If you have a very large ESX host, which is generally in enterprise environment
  • You have to provision large number of ESXi hosts with same settings without using any script

In Enterprise environment it becomes very important to control and monitor such a sprawling environment. Basic rule of monitoring is to have baseline defined. Host profiles exactly does the same.

Few things to note before we start

  • Host profiles comes with enterprise plus license only
  • It works vsphere4.0 upwards only
  • You can apply profiles to a cluster which is mix of 3.x and 4.x, but it will work only on 4.0

Preparation for host profile

What you need before you start

Build a standard ESXi and customize it with all organization specific settings e.g.

  • Implementing networking as per design
    1. Select proper teaming and load balancing
    2. Level2 security
    3. Traffic shaping
  • NTP setting and NTP server specific to region
  • User or group addition

Refer to this as ESXi MasterProfile .

How to create profile

Once a ESXi host is configured to settings which you wish to have same on all hosts, review it and start to create a profile based on it

  1. How to create profile
    Ctrl+Shift+P (Go to directly host profile section)
  2. Click imageon blank area
  3. Right Click on the host profile or blank area, select create profile

3. Select create profile from existing host
4. Click next and select the master ESXi host

5. Name the host as Master ESXi host

6. Review the setting and click finish to accept the settings

Next steps to continue in Part-02

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