About License Key Capacity

About License Key Capacity

Thursday, January 06, 2011

6:13 AM

License keys have a certain amount of capacity. For hosts, capacity is based on the number of processors in the

host. For vCenter Server, capacity is based on the number of instances of vCenter Server. However, the licensing

of solutions can be based on processors, asset instances, virtual machines, etc.

Though licensing is applicable to solutions as well as ESX/ESXi hosts and vCenter Server, solutions licensing

management is too variable and, therefore, specific to each solution to be discussed in general terms.

Licensing for Each Processor

You can assign and reassign the processor capacity to any

combination of hosts. For example, suppose you purchase a 10-processor vSphere license key. You can assign

the 10-processor license key to any of the following combinations of hosts:

1. Five 2-processor hosts

2. Three 2-processor hosts and one 4-processor host

3. Two 4-processor hosts and one 2-processor host

4. One 8-processor host and one 2-processor host

IMPORTANT When you purchase a license, you select the edition, the number of CPUs, and the maximum number of cores per CPU. For example, if you purchase an enterprise license with 100 CPUs, you must also choose the maximum number of cores per CPU.

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