Report Errors



1. Click Submit error report to send the error report.
The Submit Error Report window displays details about the specific error.
2. (Optional) Click the printer icon to print the error log report.
3. (Optional) Click the disk icon to save the error log report.
The error log report can be saved as an HTML file. If you are working offlline, this allows you to use the HTML file to submit the error report to VMware at a later time.
4. Click Submit.

The data that appears is sent to VMware in XML format to be analyzed. If found, a relevant VMware Knowledge Base article displays.





What happened at 09:00 in vCenter? –Admin Tips

Suppose you wish to know what all tasks and events got initiated on Monday 09:00 AM. Here is tip. It is so simple and least used by admins, I can bet.

Simply select cluster/Host/Virtual Machine or any inventory object which you wish to check in that time span.

Go to Tasks & Events

For Tasks, select task button as highlighted below.

From the contains menu select start time as highlighted below.

There you go and see what happened at 09:00 AM.


(I need to do something with images, I know they aren’t clear unless you double click on them)

For Events, select events button as highlighted below

From the contains menu select date time as highlighted below

There you go and see what happened at 08:05 AM


Filtering does this magic.